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Together's workplace networking software facilitates a best-practice program from start to finish

Critical information for successful matching collected from program participants
Program participants matched with others based on matching parameters set-out by the program administrator
Program participants guided to meet at the right frequency

All networking sessions are automatically tracked

All interactions through the platform are captured making it easy for HR to report on the program’s success and intervene where needed

Together integrates with Outlook and Gsuite to make the user experience frictionless

Through integration, registering, scheduling, and following-up on mentorship activities is seamless. It also minimizes the amount of data required for HR to maintain.

Create a unified learning journey for your employees with integration to your HRIS, LMS, and SSO

Integration with your HRIS reduces the workload for the program administrator
LMS integration allows Together to serve your existing learning content to employees in a timely and user-friendly manner
SSO makes it seamless for your employees to access Together and connected apps
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